Competitive Advantage Expert

A Presentation Fit For Every Company in Any Industry

Warren Buffet, the most successful investor of the 20th century, will only invest in companies that can claim to, and support, a competitive advantage…So why is it when Jaynie Smith asked over 10,000 CEO’s to name their #1 Competitive Advantage, less than 10% were able to identify a compelling differentiator?

The companies who will prosper during these challenging economic times will be the ones who know their competitive advantages, and are able to communicate them effectively in their competitive positioning strategy.

Jaynie has spent years developing and refining her processes for identifying competitive advantages. She’s developed such a passion for helping companies effectively articulate their value, that she has committed her entire speaking career to the topic. Jaynie is internationally-recognized and an award-winning business keynote speaker dedicated to teaching audiences:

  • The power of having and effectively using relevant competitive advantages 
  • How the lack of competitive advantages relegates a company to compete on price – a strategy destined to seriously hinder growth and margins
  • That touting competitive advantages will increase sales, profit margins, and market share – even in an economic downturn

Jaynie is personable, humorous, and uses first-hand case studies in her keynotes to show leaders and industry professionals how to uncover and tout their competitive advantages. Her presentation is content-rich and focused on giving attendees a new way of understanding their business, and new tools to compete more effectively.

No other speaker gives your audience as much as Jaynie L. Smith, with a message as important and timely as a relevant competitive advantage.

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