Keynote Speaking Topics

Teach Attendees the Meaning of Value

Jaynie ’s influential keynotes and workshop-style presentations have inspired thousands to uncover the riches that have been neglected within their companies by effectively selling the value they offer.

Each presentation is available in sessions from 60 minutes to three hours, and are tailored to meet event specifications. Topics are listed below.

Think You Know Your #1 Competitive Advantage? THINK AGAIN!

Based on her best-selling business book, Creating Competitive Advantage, Jaynie’s presentation enthusiastically conveys what a competitive advantage is (and more importantly is not), what prevents businesses from identifying their own, along with the profits that are forfeited when they fail to do so. She provides the framework for uncovering and touting your own competitive advantages to measurably increase your companies’ customer retention and sales close rates.

Increase Profit Without Lowering Price

The pressure to lower prices has never been greater than in our current economic state. This presentation, based on Creating Competitive Advantages’ newly released companion book, Relevant Selling, will prove that you don’t have to! Customers will pay more for value… the problem is, most marketing and sales efforts fail to convey what customers value. As a result, customers revert to price as the tie breaker in the buying decision.

Why Should I Buy from You And Not Your Competition?

This presentation enlightens even the most seasoned business professional. Based on both of Jaynie’s books, this keynote introduces the topic of dangerous disparity. Most companies consider themselves ‘customer focused.’ This talk will prove to you how the majority of businesses are missing the mark. In her study of over 100 companies, regardless of company size or product offering, 90% of what these businesses were offering greatly differed from what their customers valued. Jaynie passionately advises her audience on the steps your company needs to take that will build confidence, remove risk, and minimize price as an issue in the buying decision.