• Florida Highway Patrol Inducts Jaynie L Smith

    Ft. Lauderdale, FL, June 3, 2014 – Jaynie L. Smith is the newest inductee into the Florida Highway Patrol Advisory Council. Smith is the author of Creating Competitive Advantage and Relevant Selling, the CEO of Smart Advantage, Inc., and an internationally recognized keynote speaker.

    The Florida Highway Patrol Advisory Council is an organization comprised of business, professional, and community leaders throughout the state. Members of the Advisory Council provide assistance to the Director of the Florida Highway Patrol by offering input regarding the performance of the Patrol and the quality of service provided to the public.

  • AchieveHERs Signature Event on Nov 6 Highlights Surge of Female Entrepreneurs Boosts Business in Clearwater

    Clearwater is mirroring the national surge of female entrepreneurs, which shows that one of every ten US women is now starting or running a new business. (1)
    Jayme MacCullough is a local example. After spending more than a decade as part owner of the family business, MacCullough – a mother of five — is now launching her own company in the Clearwater area.
    “I want to be available to my boys when they need me. Being a small business owner is really key to that flexibility: scheduling my own hours, ordering my own day, building my own network. Women have traditionally had to juggle so many things, so we’re very focused.” (more…)

  • 8 Things Every CEO Must Know

    Louis Bedigian, staff writer of Benzinga, reports on 8 Things Every CEO Must Know by interviewing Jaynie Smith, CEO of Smart Advantage and best selling author of “Creating Competitive Advantage” and “Relevant Selling.”

  • PGA Magazine: Meeting of Merchandising Minds

    PGA Magazine welcomes Jaynie Smith as their keynote speaker for the sixth annual Merchandisers of the Year Conference in 2013. The conference brings together some of the greatest merchandising minds among the ranks of PGA members and are featuring Jaynie to offer members the opportunity to learn even more about successful merchandising strategies.

  • New York Times: Promoting Made in U.S.A., but Very Carefully

    New York Times interviews Jaynie Smith for research findings that support survey outcomes by Boston Consulting Group. “Companies can be foreign owned, but they need to say that ‘We are still on your soil. We create jobs. We make quality products, and we’re delivering them quickly.'”

  • WholeFoods Magazine: Do Businesses Know What Their Customers Want?

    “When researchers asked customers how far they’d be willing to drive for excellent service, 80 percent said they’d travel four or more miles, and nearly half said they would drive ten miles or more for the right combination of price, quality and customer service,”

  • 5 Companies That Know Why They’re Great

    Matt Koppenheffer from The Motley Fool highlights Jaynie L. Smith’s book, Creating Competitive Advantage, in his article titled “5 Companies That Know Why They’re Great”. Matt goes on to feature 5 companies that he feels clearly and concisely articulates their competitive advantages to their customers.