“Jaynie’s presentation was one of the top-rated presentations at our meeting, both in terms of content value and presentation effectiveness.” –  Kate Seward, Senior Director of Program Management – Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS)


“Having spent the morning at the presentation today at Newcastle, I’m so pleased I have at least 10 hours to calm down otherwise I would not sleep. I have never, ever received a presentation that has pricked so much inspiration. You mention the AHA moments, well, I found lots during your presentation. I cannot wait to purchase your books as I feel I can learn so much more. 25 years thinking I was good at my job only means after I read you books and indeed implement what you say will make better. I often read, “Who would you like to be stuck in a lift with”, my answer now is Jaynie Smith, I could listen to you for ever.” – Nick Megson, Commercial Director – Reprotec UK Limited


Jaynie delivered a series of keynotes to several hundred UK business owners and entrepreneurs. As usual she nailed it. Her content was clear, well-structured with lots of relevant examples of how it can be applied. You can take Jaynie’s method and apply it immediately within a business; it applies to all sectors and the Vistage community just loved it. We even had one delegate who had a light-bulb moment half-way through one of the workshops. She went off to deliver a major client pitch using Jaynie’s techniques and returned at the end of our event having secured a multi-million deal with the client commenting on how her pitch made her the stand-out winner.”Steve Gilroy, Chief Executive – Vistage UK


 “Jaynie was a very dynamic speaker and was totally engaging. One of the best speakers we’ve had.” Lynn Smith, Human Resources – American Foundry Society


“Cool Job! Our team left your presentation challenged and with an understanding that they could no longer sell the way they had been selling.”Afton Lucente, Vice President of Marketing & Communications – TRC Staffing Services


“Jaynie, all of us so appreciate the wonderful presentation you gave to our members, alumni and candidates. It was challenging, interesting, engaging, and provided so many ways to turn your information into action and return on investment. If they truly follow up on this, it could pay their membership for years to come! You did us proud!” Thank you again for coming to New Mexico! You are always welcome here.”Karen King, New Mexico Leadership Forum


“Jaynie was articulate, focused and gave high level advice to over 100 New York City CEOs at the Harvard Club. The audience stayed engaged and interacted throughout the entire presentation. It was impactful and all walked away with tangible action items that could add value to every company, if implemented.”Alan Goodin, Executive Director, Kellen Company


“Jaynie’s presentation made you challenge your own thought process and how you individually do things. Very provoking and one that we can use going forward. Her knowledge was impressive, and her presentation was factual, packed with good tips and insights, and extremely useful as sales leaders.”Kathy Doebelin | Executive Leadership Assistant | Farm Credit Services of America | Frontier Farm Credit


“Jaynie’s presentation is dynamic and leaves you pondering “what is our Competitive Advantage” and what are my people selling? Clarity in messaging for our sales people has a greater opportunity to make a sale and deliver clear promises to our clients.” –  Nancy Sharp, CEO – Food For Thought Enterprises


Thank you for your presentation at our conference… The comments from speakers, exhibitors and attendees were overwhelmingly positive. One letter summarized it up this way, ‘I would like to congratulate you both on an outstanding CME program. I have been practicing medicine for over 10 years and I have to rank it up there with one of the best.’ It takes a team of people to plan and execute such success. And, it takes a great roster of speakers delivering value that meets or exceeds attendee expectations in order to receive the kind of comments we are receiving.”Jeffrey and Cher Zavick –  Immuno Laboratories


“Jaynie Smith spoke at NAED’s 2010 National Electrical Leadership Summit. She is a true professional. She took great care in providing the critical information needed to help our members understand how to gain a competitive advantage. Although Jaynie is not an electrical distributor, her information was applicable to the industry. She is an excellent speaker and her presentation was extremely relevant. I would recommend Jaynie as a speaker at your next convention, meeting and/or webinar.” – Rebecca L. Burgess, CMP, CMM – National Association of Electrical Distributors