"Ultrices porta massa risus in phasellus, etiam, in phasellus! Nec?" Michelle Katz

Jaynie L. Smith

The Competitive Advantage Expert, CEO of Smart Advantage Inc.

Jaynie L. Smith is an internationally-recognized keynote speaker specializing in the topic of competitive advantage. Content-rich presentations illustrate her proprietary process of uncovering and touting a company’s relevant competitive advantages. Keynotes are focused on showing attendees how to gain market share by revolutionizing the way they articulate and communicate their business messages to sell value over price.


A competitive advantage is the key factor that Warren Buffet considers before he’ll invest in any business.  Yet many business owners and sales people neglect to focus on it for their own company.  Jaynie Smith has proven that a focus on competitive advantage closes more sales and protects margins.


Jaynie L. Smith uncovered the one key question that over 10,000 CEOs failed to clearly answer about their own companies: “What is your #1 Competitive Advantage?”  90% fail to provide an answer that differentiates.


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Relevant Selling

Many companies lament that price pressure has destroyed their margins. But when customers are surveyed in double-blind studies, it is revealed that more than 90% of the time, price is not the most important buying factor. Learn how to discover what is most relevant to your market so that your sales people can stop caving in on price and start selling relevant value.

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