PROFIT Magazine interviews Jaynie for Business Coach Podcast Series

May 12, 2010 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Jaynie L. Smith, author of best-selling book Creating Competitive Advantage (Doubleday), was invited to interview with Canadian business publication PROFIT Magazine. Jaynie has previously been featured in PROFIT magazine in November 2008, within the article titled “The Biggest Lie in Business.”

Ian Portsmouth, the Editor and Associate Publisher, interviewed Ms. Smith for his Business Coach Podcast Series. The interview went live to listeners on May 11, 2010. The podcast is dedicated to discuss issues and opportunities facing Canada’s small businesses.

It’s 15 minutes and delves into how businesses can address some of their issues by answering “What are your competitive advantages?” correctly. Smith, who specializes in the topic ofcompetitive advantage, will briefly guide businesses on how to truly answer this question.

Commonly known as a differentiator, or a unique selling point, competitive advantages have not been clearly defined by thousands of CEOs whom Smith has questioned within her 20 years of consulting experience. Portsmouth and Smith’s discussion will focus on the true definition of a competitive advantage, as well as provide listeners with real and hypothetical examples so they can then apply it to their own business.

Some questions that will be covered include: 1) Why intelligent business owners and executives believe their company has a competitive advantage even when it doesn’t; 2) How a company should go about determining its competitive advantage; and 3) How companies have competitive advantages, yet don’t know about them.

As the author of Creating Competitive Advantage, a publication praised by CEOs around the world, Jaynie L. Smith helps organizations uncover and capitalize on the unique traits that set them apart from other competitors in their industry.  A universally tried-and-true handbook,Creating Competitive Advantage is in its tenth printing, with publishing rights sold to publishers in five different countries.