Jaynie Smith Interview WOOD Newsradio Feb 03 2016

CEO of Smart Advantage Inc – Jaynie Smith has been invited as a guest on WOOD Newsradio to talk about Competitive Advantage and to give some best practice advices for local small businesses and how to avoid some of the most common mistakes and pitfalls that business make when trying to perform in their full …
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Interview with Central Illinois Regional Radio

Are businesses clueless about what customers value? Expert says lack of understanding hurts the bottom line. There’s a simple reason many businesses struggle to explain why customers should choose them over a competitor. Fewer than 5 percent of them have a clue about what it is their customers value, says Jaynie L. Smith, author of “Creating Competitive …
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Jaynie Smith @ Experience Pros Radio Show

In Experience Pros Radio Show Jaynie Smith joins Eric and Angel for a lively Q&A on whether businesses are clueless about what their customers REALLY value. Jennifer Owen talks identity theft, and what you can do to prevent it. Kirill Storch asks if robots can run your business better than you, and we finally get down …
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Office Depot seeks unique identity from competition

Office Depot is a company in search of itself. New chief executive Roland Smith said the nation’s No. 2 office-supply retailer needs to develop what’s known as a “unique selling proposition” — a way to set itself apart from competitors that include Staples, Amazon and Costco. Speaking with analysts last week, the former Wendy’s CEO …
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Florida Highway Patrol Advisory Council Inducts Jaynie L. Smith

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, June 3, 2014 – Jaynie L. Smith is the newest inductee into the Florida Highway Patrol Advisory Council. Smith is the author of Creating Competitive Advantage and Relevant Selling, the CEO of Smart Advantage, Inc., and an internationally recognized keynote speaker. The Florida Highway Patrol Advisory Council is an organization comprised of …
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What’s Your True Competitive Advantage? Try Again

Jim McElgunn, of ProfitGuide.com || September 24, 2012 Chances are you’re marketing benefits your customers don’t really care about. Here’s how to define your true competitive differentiator Jaynie Smith, Smart Advantage Inc. Competitive-advantage specialist Jaynie Smith has a blunt message for business owners: whatever your sales messages focus on, it’s almost certainly not what your …
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8 Things Every CEO Must Know

Louis Bedigian, staff writer of Benzinga, reports on 8 Things Every CEO Must Know by interviewing Jaynie Smith, CEO of Smart Advantage and best selling author of “Creating Competitive Advantage” and “Relevant Selling.” Read the full story

New York Times: Promoting Made in U.S.A., but Very Carefully

New York Times interviews Jaynie Smith for research findings that support survey outcomes by Boston Consulting Group. “Companies can be foreign owned, but they need to say that ‘We are still on your soil. We create jobs. We make quality products, and we’re delivering them quickly.'”

PGA Magazine: Meeting of Merchandising Minds

PGA Magazine welcomes Jaynie Smith as their keynote speaker for the sixth annual Merchandisers of the Year Conference in 2013. The event brings together some of the greatest merchandising minds among the rankds of PGA members and are featuring Jaynie to offer members the opportunity to learn even more about successful merchandising strategies.

Entrepreneur Magazine: Your Wish is My Command

Entrepreneur magazine interviews Jaynie Smith to find out what determines consumer buying criteria. When you’re trying to figure out what a customer wants, turns out the customer really is always right!